Put Some Hand Snacks Near Your Headphones

Written by Francisca Goldsmith on Thursday, October 3, 2019


While many people consider audiobook listening to be a sidelight of a physical activity to which they are giving priority in their planning--whether the mundane tasks of cleaning house or the aspirational ones of training for a marathon--a lot of times audiobook listening happens when we're sitting around.

With listening stations available in libraries, book mobiles, and classrooms, some fairly quiet activities are already recognized as benefiting student listening in school, rather than distracting from it. Knitting and jigsaw puzzles are library staples. Eating--not so much.

So what does a listener in a non food-friendly environment, who doesn't know how to knit (or at least doesn't know how to do it well enough that distracting instruction is part of that action), and can't get close to the crowded jigsaw table area do? Origami to the rescue!  Quiet, scalable in cost, mess-free, and silent!  Put on those headphones and fold while you listen.

There are plenty of free instructions and projects online. You can start with these, and recognize, too, that following disgrammed directions is also good for literacy skill-building for all ages.

And if you want to offer some meta origami options for audiobook fans, check this project out:

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