Where in the World Can You SYNC?

Where in the World Can You SYNC?

Read More Did you know you can download many of 2018's free SYNC audiobooks anywhere in the world? AudioFile Magazine works with both large and small audiobook publishers each SYNC season to acquire a summer's worth of audiobooks for teens and international rights vary from title to title. This year, however, comes with a listening bounty for international listeners.
SYNC 2017 by the numbers

SYNC 2017 by the numbers

Read More We’re hearing how excited you are about AudiobookSYNC17. You know we are, too. As we put the finishing technical touches on a grand season that will be 16 weeks long, we've noticed some startling figures. How much audiobook time is included in those 32 audiobooks? The math kind of bowled us over. See how it sounds (oops, pun) to you:

Keep your OverDrive app up to date!

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If you're a librarian in a public or school setting, whether or not your library subscribes to OverDrive, be sure your community understands how to update apps in general and why it's a necessary housekeeping task.  The OverDrive app is, of course free; however, any app you have obtained legally includes access to its latest updates for free.  You don't have to acquire it again, just update it, the way you make sure that you've checked for the latest weather news instead of assuming last summer's forecast remains in effect.

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