Best Audiobooks Announced for 2018

Written by Francisca Goldsmith on Thursday, November 29, 2018


It's that wonderful season when "best of the year" lists of movies, books, and, yes, audiobooks, are blooming throughout the land. Some are long, others short. Find and use as many as you can for a rich and wide awareness of what all is available to read, hear, see, and discuss.


Our host AudioFile Magazine published its Best Audiobooks of the Year for 2018 just this week and if you're looking for the best in best audiobooks lists, this is the one for you! There is a handful of titles on each of several themed sublists, which highlight genres or audience ages. The list includes a Young Adult section as well as containing titles in other sections that may be of high interest to teens you know who enjoy Mystery, History, or other narrative types.

In addition to offering the whole list in this download , AudioFile is also featuring discussions of the list's titles, narrators, and subject concerns on the daily podcast Behind the Mic with AudioFile Magazine.  Every couple of days, too, the podcast includes a longer interview with a narrator whose work has earned a spot (or sometimes even more than just one spot) on the Best list. Take a listen to this discussion with Michael Crouch , a narrator many AudiobookSYNC listeners will recognize for the works he's given voice that our program has featured.

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