Crossing the Line

Written by Francisca Goldsmith on Wednesday, June 7, 2017


AudiobookSYNC’s seventh week of the 2017 season brings you a pair of audiobooks in which invisible and highly significant lines are crossed by daring characters.


Julia Whelan’s performance of PLUS ONE by Elizabeth Fama takes listeners right into an alternate world where people are divided between “rays,” who live by day, and “smudges,” who live by night. Crossing from one of these spheres to the other goes beyond impacting the individual who dares to do so; her action also brings political turmoil to all. The author, whose teen novels have received acclaim, believed so strongly that her latest should receive audiobook treatment that she produced it herself. Julia Whelan is a narrator superstar whose ability to perform multiple characters will leave you wondering if this is a full cast reading (It's not, it's all Julia Whelan).

Paired with that alternate reality suspense is a this world novel, IF I RUN, by Terri Blackstock, and narrated by Nan Gurley for Zondervan. This is the first in a series featuring a young runaway woman implicated in a murder and the investigator hired to find her. A quick start and a fast pace will have listeners glued to their headphones—and speculating on that unnerving idea: What would I do if I were either of these characters, the runner or the pursuer?

Strongly developed characters, thrilling plotting, and performances that bring it all to vivid life make this week’s pair of suspenseful stories nearly compulsive listening.

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