Audiobooks and SYNC are for avid readers too

Written by Francisca Goldsmith on Thursday, April 6, 2017


If you aren't an avid audiobook listener yourself and you're new to SYNC, you might wonder if the teens in your own life "need" audiobooks. Others experiences and considerable research show that the answer is "yes."


As you can discover in this archived webcast about AudiobookSYNC and how to access it, audiobook listening offers benefits to avid print readers, potential readers who have the print skills without the interest to use them, and those with print challenges. Audiobooks aren't crutches but instead are transportation devices: they can transport your mind and heart through books.

While readers challenged by print literacy issues or physical conditions that make holding or viewing a book difficult benefit from audiobooks through their alternative access to exposure to print, avid readers find new powers in listening as well:

  • Fast print readers who have taken to skimming and thus missing details of language as well as information are brought back to attending to everything the author has written to impart her ideas
  • Avid and broadly selecting readers who delve into books with vocabulary and prosody styles outside their daily experience find that listening gives access to correct pronunciation and how to unfold archaic or imaginative phrasing to make sense
  • Teens living in relatively homogeneous communities can hear speech patterns and inflections, correctly pronounced foreign terms, and other aural cues to "normal" that may be new to them

Another component of the SYNC program that can be invaluable to many teens is the opportunity it provides to choose and keep titles for one's own personal library. While many teen readers may well have chosen and retained books and audiobooks that are meaningful to them beyond an initial reading, many others have not had this experience. This summer, with 32 SYNC titles available, all teens have the opportunity to collect to keep those which are meaningful to them, thus experiencing the power a personal library can have as a place of replenishment or refuge.


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