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Written by Francisca Goldsmith on Thursday, September 13, 2018


Although we may often reduce audiobooks as an art form to the work of the author--the content and writing style--and the work of the performer--delivery--there are actually many other careers audiobooks can lead teens to consider.


The growth of library-based makerspace and Tinkering movements has created recording technology access for many teens. With that comes a whole suite of audiobook-connected possibilities:

  • Sound engineering experiementation
  • Directing
  • Proof-listening
  • Legal reseach

Sound engineeering plays a significant role in audiobook creation, especially when multiple narrators' performances must be balanced and blended. Remind would-be music engineers that the human voice is another instrument.

Directing can be as significant to an audiobook's successful performance as it is to stage or film performance. The director helps to design character voices and tones and to guide performers into a sustained and balanced delivery across the whole.

Proof-listening is as important to audiobook production as proofreading is to written work quality assurance. Teens who are good at reading visually while listening are not as many as you might imagine, and those with this talent can put it to good vocational use.

And legal reearch? Yes, indeed! Before teens step into that soundbooth to record a favorite book, requisite copyright research needs to be done to make sure they aren't breaking the law. Many newer books are covered for their audiobook editions within their publisher contracts, so be sure that teens take the time to play it safe and conduct due diligence before creating an audiobook.

Are you working with reading-based recording in your makerspace? What have teens discovered that might be great tips to share with other communities beginning this angle of Science Technology Engineering Arts and Mathematics?

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