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World Kid Lit Month in SYNC Reflections

World Kid Lit Month in SYNC Reflections

Read More September is a lot of things, including National Library Card Month and Hispanic Heritage Month. It’s also World Kid Lit Month so we took a look back at the 10 years of free audiobooks we’ve offered to see how many came from beyond the US. With just 10 days left in the month, you still have time to go back through your collection and listen to some World Kid Lit:
Teens Listen Back in Time

Teens Listen Back in Time

Read More For those who are in constant want of new narrative listening, the world of podcasts is rich and deep--and free! This week we remind you of a couple such podcasts that speak specifically of and through teens who are using their voices and their ears to examine teen history.
Audiobook Actors Outside the Booth

Audiobook Actors Outside the Booth

Read More Our host, AudioFile Magazine, is featuring the vast array of day jobs audiobook narrators hold, or have held, beyond their work in the booth. We think teens will be amazed by some of the possibilities for their own pursuit.
Listening Is Reading: The New Research

Listening Is Reading: The New Research

Read More As the new school year swings into opening days, and you find yourself with a nicely filled shelf of new audiobook listens, we thought we'd call your attention to recent research about the benefits of listening. These benefits include ones of mental and physical health, academic engagement, and pure relaxation and wonder-feeding.
Thanks for Letting Us Know!

Thanks for Letting Us Know!

Read More Thank you to the nearly 4,000 SYNC participants who took the time to provide us with responses to our 2019 survey! We use this information to build a better program each year so be assured that your opinions are noted. We heard from teen listeners, librarians and teachers, parents and grandparents, and adults who might be teenless but have a deep interest in audiobook listening.
We Need Your Input!

We Need Your Input!

Read More As you might imagine, preparing for next SYNC season of free audiobooks starts even as the current season winds down. As we begin our outreach to publishers to start collecting titles for you to download next year, we need your evaluation of this year's program.
What's Next?

What's Next?

Read More By now, you may be in possession of as many as 28 new audiobooks for your listening enjoyment. SYNC's 2019 season of free audiobooks has run its course. However, we don't disappear when the season ends. What can you expect until the free audiobooks start up again next spring?
/content/uploaded/images/2019-authors-360x360/nnedi-okorafor-360x390jpg.jpg /content/uploaded/images/2019-authors-360x360/maggie-stiefvater-by-stephen-voss-360x360.jpg


Read More Our final week of SYNC’s tenth season comes with a pair of audiobooks that are kissed by the possibility of magic. We hope this finale brings you both immediate delight and the invitation to keep exploring both your own world and those created and presented through the many audiobooks available all year at your library.
/content/uploaded/images/2019-authors-360x360/veronica-chambers-by-jason-clampet-360x360.jpg /content/uploaded/images/2019-authors-360x360/david-arnold-by-daniel-meigs-360x360.jpg

Who's Choosing Your Role?

Read More We make assumptions about other people in our lives all the time—and yet, we also know that assumptions others make about us can be way off base. This week’s pair of audiobooks explore just such situations and let listeners consider both sides of the assumption trap.
/content/uploaded/images/covers2019/vincent-and-theo-128923-sync2019-600x600.jpg /content/uploaded/images/covers2019/becoming-kareem-135546-sync2019-2168x2400.jpg

Private Lives of Famous People

Read More Even when we know a lot about the achievements of a famous person, learning more about them during the parts of their lives before they became well known can both surprise and inspire us. This week’s pair of free audiobooks introduce us to the lives and times of two well-known men and provide listeners with insights beyond the spotlight of their fame.
/content/uploaded/images/2019-narrators-360x360/nicola-barber-courtesy-of-the-narrator-360x360.jpg /content/uploaded/images/2019-narrators-360x360/rupert-degas-courtesy-of-the-actor-360.jpg


Read More This week’s two free audiobooks share some paranormal—and humorous—highlights. Just right for late night listening, they provide enough suspense to keep listeners in thrall and enough romance to satisfy anyone who would rather spend time with human affairs than apparitions.
/content/uploaded/images/covers2019/yaqui-delgado-79600-sync2019-2400x2400.jpg /content/uploaded/images/covers2019/heretics-anonymous-143738-sync2019-1536x1536.jpg


Read More This week our audiobooks offer a couple of contemporary high school stories. In keeping with that theme, expect characters who experience self-consciousness, make assumptions about others around them, and take leadership roles among their peers even when those peers might not have looked to them in particular to move others toward change.
/content/uploaded/images/covers2019/the-golden-day-83482-sync2019-2400x2400.jpg /content/uploaded/images/covers2019/gulp-82514-sync2019-3000x3000.jpg

The Secret Story Within

Read More This week we’ve paired fiction and nonfiction, both of which will appeal to anyone who is curious about what happens out of view. Thank you to Candlewick on Brilliance and to Tantor Audio for these contributions to SYNC.
/content/uploaded/images/2019-authors-360x360/tanaz-bhathena-courtesy-of-the-author-360x360.jpg /content/uploaded/images/2019-authors-360x360/henrik-ibsen-360x360.jpg

Rumor and Reality

Read More What we assume about others can miss the truth about their situations by so much that we can become blinded to their reality. The pair of audiobooks available for you to download and keep for free this week, one an #OwnVoices title and performance and the other adapted from a Western classic, may put a check on our being too quick to assume we know how to value the intentions of others.
/content/uploaded/images/covers2019/the-first-time-she-drowned-114395-sync2019-1735x1735.jpg /content/uploaded/images/covers2019/wild-bird-131518-sync2019-1330x1330.jpg


Read More Friends and family are important people in all our lives. Sometimes, however, instead of looking to others for support and rescue we need to get through hard times on our own. This week’s pair of audiobooks from Penguin Random House Audio/Listening Library shows how some fictional teens face such events.
/content/uploaded/images/covers2019/a-night-divided-107601-sync2019-2400x2400.jpg /content/uploaded/images/covers2019/tear-down-this-wall-50716-sync2019-1667x1667.jpg

The 20th Century's Most Famous Wall

Read More From 1961 to 1989, a barbed wire-topped concrete wall divided Berlin, Germany, preventing free movement of family members, friends, and anyone engaged in daily business from crossing the more than 800-year-old city. Our audiobook pair this week bookends the night that wall was built with the call for its destruction in a speech by a U.S. President. With the topic of border wall building frequently in today’s news, we think this visit to the recent past is in order.
/content/uploaded/images/covers2019/meet-the-sky-150987-sync2019-2400x2400.jpg /content/uploaded/images/covers2019/spill-142321-sync2019-3000x3000.jpg

Disaster Strikes!

Read More Listening readers of all ages know that our natural environment faces perilous changes. Sometimes disaster strikes outright, in the form of an industrial failure or an extreme weather event. This week’s free audiobooks carry us into the hearts of two such disasters.
/content/uploaded/images/2019-narrators-360x360/chiwetel-ejiofor-photo-by-johan-persson-360x360.jpg /content/uploaded/images/2019-authors-360x360/charles-benoit-by-kurt-brownell-photography=360x360.jpg

Voices of Betrayal

Read More The act of betrayal is a weapon in itself, regardless of whether the traitor brings physical harm or “only” the psychological pain of breaking trust. Buckle up for a pair of such experiences this week with a play from William Shakespeare and a novel written in the second person. Both pull listeners right into the encounter with a traitor.
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