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Listen Freely

Listen Freely

Read More If you have a lot of experience listening to books, as well as reading them with your eyes, you certainly have noticed that some words, terms, and speech patterns evoke different feelings when you hear them than they might when you see them written. In both ways of reading, words and verbal expression are powerful. Yet they carry different shadings of power for the person reading, too.
Explore the World of Audiobook Friendly Literary Events

Explore the World of Audiobook Friendly Literary Events

Read More A phenomenal side effect of the ongoing pandemic era retrofitting of planned events is the huge increase of opportunities we all have to meet authors, narrators, readers, and others around the world in programs that, previously, would have been limited to one specific geographic location, entry fees, and other barriers.
Share Listening Research

Share Listening Research

Read More With a new and unusual school year now underway, families as well as teachers and librarians are taking renewed interest in exploring how learning and literacy "works." To help you find resources that address the how and the why underpinning the use of audiobooks for literacy enhancement, we turn to the Sound Learning initiative.
Too Good Not to Share

Too Good Not to Share

Read More We have been wowed by the creativity many of you showed in sharing news about each SYNC week offerings this season. With schools and libraries and other agencies shutting down around the world before the season opened in late April, we were more than ever reliant on teachers and librarians to help us reach teen listeners. And you came through generously and with imaginative messaging! Thank you!
SYNC 2020 After Party

SYNC 2020 After Party

Read More From the chatter we’ve been hearing through your Tweets, Instagram and Facebook posts, and assorted blogs, newsletters, and other news we’ve found online, it sounds like this year’s AudiobookSYNC program found some happy listeners! And we want to hear more from you.
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Living History

Read More This week’s #OwnVoices audiobooks include a contemporary classic and a novel whose author continues to write award-winners. Thank you to Recorded Books and Candlewick on Brilliance for this tremendous pair!
Christmas in July

Christmas in July

Read More Here’s another pair of free audiobooks we planned before we knew that 2020 was going to need extra celebrations. Thanks to Naxos AudioBooks and Alison Larkin Presents, we are delighted to share two funny and thought-provoking listens.
/content/uploaded/images/2020-covers-480x480/fresh-ink-143918-sync2020-480x480.jpg /content/uploaded/images/2020-covers-480x480/hope-nation-136285-sync2020-480x480.jpg

Writer to Reader

Read More This week we feature a pair of titles published and made available to SYNC participants in conjunction with the We Need Diverse Books (#WNDB) campaign by authors and others in publishing. Thank you, Listening Library, for lending your support to including these in SYNC this season.
/content/uploaded/images/2020-authors-360x360/alison-gervais-by-rachel-zee-360x360.jpg /content/uploaded/images/2020-authors-360x360/matt-de-la-pena-author-by-heather-waraksa-360x360.jpg

Culture Gaps

Read More Week 9’s pair of teen novels provides listeners with different explorations of the power #OwnVoices books hold for everyone. Thanks to Blink and to Brilliance for this week’s free audiobooks.
/content/uploaded/images/2020-narrators-360x360/anthony-rey-perez-by-sean-patrick-photography-360x360.jpg /content/uploaded/images/2020-narrators-360x360/joel-froomkin-by-samuel-jacobs-360x360.jpg

Isn’t It Romantic?

Read More Week 8’s theme this SYNC season is one of romance. However, our two audiobook selections are very different in their interpretation of that broad category of story type, and the performance choices are also unlike each other. Here’s another opportunity to explore how a theme can produce two very different listening experiences.
/content/uploaded/images/2020-narrators-360x360/leslie-odom-jr-courtesy-of-listening-library-450x450-Narrator-360x360.jpg /content/uploaded/images/2020-narrators-360x360/Phoebe-Strole-courtesy-of-listening-library-2019-Authors-SYNC2020-360x360.jpg


Read More Our Week 6 pair of free audiobooks comes from the Listening Library imprint of Penguin Random House Audiobooks. In a necessary aside here, the week's titles and theme were selected months before current events in the U.S. However, the timing of the content's arrival seems prescient.
/content/uploaded/images/2020-authors-360x360/philip-kan-gotanda-courtesy-author-360x360.jpg /content/uploaded/images/2020-authors-360x360/francisco-stork-courtesy-author-360x360.jpg

Broken Dreams

Read More Week 4’s free audiobooks bring listeners an #OwnVoices pair that include a stage play and a novel, each based on real events. Thank you L. A. Theatre Works and Scholastic Audio for these outstanding and free audiobooks.
/content/uploaded/images/2020-narrators-360x360/sam-west-courtesy-narrator-360x360.jpg /content/uploaded/images/2020-narrators-360x360/nicola-barber-courtesy-narrator-Authors-SYNC2020-360x360.jpg

Dubious Partnerships

Read More This week’s pair of free audiobooks include a classic and a title that puts a real historical character into a work of fiction. In both cases, listening readers are plunged into the worlds of some nefarious characters.
/content/uploaded/images/2020-narrators-360x360/james-chen-by-david-zheng-360x360.jpg /content/uploaded/images/2020-narrators-360x360/ron-butler-courtesy-narrator-Authors-SYNC2020-360x360.jpg

Living in the Shadows

Read More Week 2 of this year’s SYNC program provides participants with one #OwnVoices work of realistic fiction and another providing a journalistic account of factual events that are as compelling as anything a novelist might create.
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