SYNC is a free summer audiobook program for teens 13+. SYNC returns Spring 2021. 

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Listen Freely

Listen Freely

Read More If you have a lot of experience listening to books, as well as reading them with your eyes, you certainly have noticed that some words, terms, and speech patterns evoke different feelings when you hear them than they might when you see them written. In both ways of reading, words and verbal expression are powerful. Yet they carry different shadings of power for the person reading, too.
Explore the World of Audiobook Friendly Literary Events

Explore the World of Audiobook Friendly Literary Events

Read More A phenomenal side effect of the ongoing pandemic era retrofitting of planned events is the huge increase of opportunities we all have to meet authors, narrators, readers, and others around the world in programs that, previously, would have been limited to one specific geographic location, entry fees, and other barriers.
Share Listening Research

Share Listening Research

Read More With a new and unusual school year now underway, families as well as teachers and librarians are taking renewed interest in exploring how learning and literacy "works." To help you find resources that address the how and the why underpinning the use of audiobooks for literacy enhancement, we turn to the Sound Learning initiative.


For Parents!

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SYNC is Teen-Friendly Summer Fun!
Keep teens engaged with books all summer. 
On the go, on the couch, great for both
omnivorous & reluctant readers!


Kids & Families

Audiobooks for Kids & Families

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AudioFile editors pick the BEST audiobooks for kids & families. Listen together, or find choices for independent listening. Explore selections for grades 1-9. If you and your family are "on the go" family listening is just the ticket! 


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