2015 SYNC Results

SYNC 2015 / YEAR 6

28 Young Adult and Classic audiobooks were offered over 14 weeks May 7 - August 13.

  • 50% growth in unique program participants
  • 24% growth in SYNC direct contacts since May 1 2015 with 25,000+ on mailing lists,  text recipient lists, and social media.
  • 129,000+ downloads.
  • New website for 2015 - 240,000+ sessions; 112,000+ users since Jan 1 2015
  • 96% of new listeners are likely to listen to more audiobooks thanks to SYNC
  • 78% of educators/librarians are likely to use SYNC again in next year’s Summer Reading/listening Program
  • 79% of educators/librarians see a role for SYNC in the Common Core
  • 72% of educators/librarians said SYNC helps outreach to teens
  • 68% of educators/librarians said they would promote audiobooks because of exposure to SYNC
  • 56% of SYNC listeners purchase downloads or CDs outside of SYNC
  • 37% of SYNC listeners said SYNC audiobooks lead to other listening/reading
  • 12% were new audiobook listeners thanks to SYNC

“Some of the classics were really good choices along with the newer titles.  I think it is a great way to find new authors you may like…” – Youth Listener

“The pairing of classics with high interest YA novels establishes a crucial and relevant link of the importance and relatability of seemingly irrelevant canon texts.” -  Educator

“Audiobooks are no longer just for struggling readers. They can bring a whole different element to telling, learning, or understanding a story. They are for car rides, family time, multitaskers, and so much more. They bring non-fiction to life, which is a very important role for common core.” – Librarian

"I teach students from ages 12-74, and have found ways to use SYNC listens with just about everyone. One of the most interesting and effective projects was listening with a young Hispanic acting student who was working on accent-reduction/standard-accent-acquisition."  - Educator

"I told my students about SYNC at the end of the school year and we had a discussion about audiobooks in general.  The kids were telling about their experiences with audiobooks.  Some said it just helps them get through some books other kids said it helps them multi-task (and they tend to do better when multi-tasking).  They were also super excited to see one of their required readings for next year on the SYNC list this summer.  I am excited to see if any of them remembered to download it over the summer.  I had given them a handout during school and tweeted a reminder the week that book could be downloaded.  I have also enjoyed the discovery of new books and great classics.  I LOVE this program and I am excited to take part next summer." - Educator

“The interest in SYNC grows every year.  I think you do a fine job of providing us with what we need to promote your program.  The variety opens us to different types of books, too, that we may not otherwise try reading.” – High School Libraria


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