2014 SYNC Results

SYNC 2014 / YEAR 5

26 Young Adult and Classic audiobooks were offered over 13 weeks May 15-August 14.

  • 93% growth in unique program participants to 27,000+
  • 85% growth in SYNC direct contacts since May 1 2014 with 21,000+ on mailing lists, blog update recipients, text recipients, and social media.
  • 66% growth in SYNC audience with 139,000+ downloads.
  • 39% increase in web traffic to nearly 600,000 visits in 2014


  • 96% of new listeners are likely to listen to more audiobooks thanks to SYNC
  • 80% of educators/librarians are likely to use SYNC again in next year’s Summer Reading/listening Program
  • 78% of educators/librarians see a role for SYNC in the Common Core
  • 73% of educators/librarians said SYNC helps outreach to teens
  • 61% of educators/librarians said they would promote audiobooks because of exposure to SYNC
  • 59% of SYNC listeners purchase downloads or CDs outside of SYNC
  • 41% of SYNC listeners said SYNC audiobooks lead to other listening/reading
  • 15% were new audiobook listeners thanks to SYNC


"As a student it is more convenient to listen to literature on the go, while exercising, etc. I like to read paperbacks, but with a busy schedule SYNC fits better in my life.It helps when you can actually hear the voice of a character, especially when the story is told well. It's also much more convenient for when I'm walking to school or the store or work. It feels less like I'm an impartial observer and more like someone is telling me their story." – Student

"Giving them a free audiobook option that didn't require their parents to sign up at the library was great. And it came to them via text. I love SYNC!" – Librarian

"Students who tell me that they don't have time to read have no argument when it comes to audiobooks. It also introduces YA titles with more classic titles which many would not attempt without the free download. This is a great way to expose students to quality literature of all kinds." – Librarian

"Readers that are below grade level reading can still get the same information with audio books and have the same information as those who can read on grade level." – Educator

"This is a way for students to better understand the higher levels of vocabulary required by the Common Core Curriculum. The students often find it difficult to read complicated texts independently if they are unfamiliar with the words. Audiobooks help with that." – Educator


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