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New Jersey Celebrates Jacqueline Woodson! A Statewide Author Experience for School & Public Libraries

Woodson Jacqueline

Free sampler

On October 16, Jacqueline Woodson, the Library of Congress National Ambassador for Young People's Literature, will visit with middle school students across the state of New Jersey, when she presents her inspiring program, Reading = HOPE X CHANGE at The College of New Jersey.

Listen to some of Jacqueline Woodson’s works with this special sampler from Penguin Random House.

  1. Harbor Me (00:00)
  2. Harbor Me Interview (05:27) Ms. Woodson and her son Jackson Leroi discuss Harbor Me, diversity, the equation, Reading - HOPE X CHANGE, and reading audiobooks.
  3. Brown Girl Dreaming (22:22)
  4. If You Come Softly (27:17)
  5. Miracle's Boys (31:31)
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