SYNC is a free summer audiobook program for teens 13+.  We return Spring 2019.

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5 Ways Audiobooks Make Good Readers Better

5 Ways Audiobooks Make Good Readers Better

Read More By the time we're in our teens, we're expected to be able to read not only books but also complex directions, ingredient labels, news accounts, and more both fluently and with a good grasp of the content as well as how that content might be meaningful. Reading is a part of every high school course, including mathematics, art, and vocational track programs. Teens who read with facility, however, may have fallen into the habit of speed reading or skimming, neglecting nuances that are, in fact, important to comprehension of the text in full. Listening to audiobooks--at the speed each was intended to be played--can help good readers become better critical thinkers, empathizers, and engaged citizens. Here's why and how:
STEAM into Audiobooks

STEAM into Audiobooks

Read More Although we often reduce audiobooks as an art form to the work of the author--the content and writing style--and the work of the performer--delivery--there are actually many other careers audiobooks can lead teens to consider.
An audiobook listener's menu

An audiobook listener's menu

Read More How do you find audiobooks that make you want to to listen all the way through--and then feel a little sad when they've run their course? How do you talk about audiobooks with teens and others whom you are trying to help find good audiobooks options?


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SYNC is Teen-Friendly Summer Fun!
Keep teens engaged with books all summer. 
On the go, on the couch, great for both
omnivorous & reluctant readers!


Kids & Families

Audiobooks for Kids & Families

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AudioFile editors pick the BEST audiobooks for kids & families. Listen together, or find choices for independent listening. Explore selections for grades 1-9. If you and your family are "on the go" family listening is just the ticket! 


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