May 29

Female Detectives Rule SYNC Week 3!

Welcome to Week 3!

This week, female detectives run the show. Can Tandy Angel in the SYNC YA title and Miss Marple in the Classic mystery solve their crimes?

This Week’s Audiobooks:

Download FREE pair here.  Available May 29 – June 4.


By James Patterson & Maxine Paetro
Read by Emma Galvin
Published by Hachette Audio

[Available in the US, Canada and the Philippines only.]


By Agatha Christie
Read by Richard E. Grant
Published by Harper Audio

[Available EXCEPT in the UK and British Commonwealth.]

Thank you to Hachette Audio & Harper Audio for generously providing this week’s titles.


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  1. Yasmin Tomariko

    I’ve liked all of the books so far except for October Mourning. If you explore the sdcard/Android folder if you’re on Android, you can find the folder where the mp3 files for the books are, so you can archive the books without having the Overdrive app on your computer.

  2. Debra Muthard

    I have mini iPad and have overdrive app.

  3. claire De castro

    Oh my god I love James Patterson and I love women empowerment story

    1. Michele Cobb

      Us too!

  4. Katrina dale

    I absalutely love James Patterson . Am a huge fan. Would love a copy of his new book confessions of a murder suspect. Happy days ;)

  5. Mende

    Files were downloaded however I am receiving a message that says “can not open file” when I try to open

    1. Michele Cobb

      Is your OverDrive media console up to date? What device and browser are you on? Please email specifics to synchelp@audiofilemagazine.com

      1. Mende

        I downloaded overdrive…all is well now! Yay!

        1. Michele Cobb

          Glad to hear it!

  6. Linda

    Will this work on my Kindel Fire?

    1. Michele Cobb

      As long as you have the OverDrive Media Console.

  7. Mary Ann Carney

    Can’t get books to Dload. Put overdrive on my iPad. Keep getting error message

    1. Michele Cobb

      Email synchelp@audiofilemagazine.com with your location, browser information and any other info that would help us diagnosis your problem.

  8. Patty Swatzell

    I have IPAD 4 and downloaded the APP suggested Overdrive and I think at one time I had Adobe
    Open. To sign in I used my Facebook info hoping it would make it easier to Download the 2 Free
    Books offered this month. Do I need to be signed into SYNC?
    Thank you for any ideas on how I can download them. It just comes up with a grey page and says
    Retry Again.

    1. Michele Cobb

      You need to have the OverDrive app, but there is no SYNC sign in other than to go to our download page and enter your email. If you are still having trouble try reloading the OverDrive app or email synchelp@audiofilemagazine.com with specifics on your location, device and browser.

  9. Robin

    It will not let me download. Says there was a problem.

    1. Michele Cobb

      Email synchelp@audiofilemagazine.com with specifics on your device, browser and location so we can best help you.

  10. Molly Koenig

    I am having trouble getting Murder at the Vicarage to download using version 1.1.1 of Overdrive Media Console on a Mac running OS X 10.6.8. It acts like it is going to download but doesn’t. Any help would be much appreciated.

    1. Michele Cobb

      Please email synchelp@audiofilemagazine.com with your device specifics and any error messaging you get. Also where you are trying to download from. Thanks!

  11. Susan Baird

    These murder mysteries could not be more different but equally challenging as SYNC listeners try to sift through multiple clues and determine what’s helpful and what’s a red herring or lie? When Tandy Angel’s wealthy and eccentric parents are found murdered in their LOCKED house in CONFESSIONS OF A MURDER SUSPECT, she and her brothers must quickly find the murderer because they are the prime murder suspects! Narrator Emma Galvin is spot-on as she directly tells listeners the Angel family’s horrifying story. In MURDER AT THE VICARAGE, quiet St. Mary Mead is shaken when the much hated Colonial Lucius Protheroe’s body is found in Reverend Clement’s study! Enter Miss Jane Marple in her first mystery. She must decide which of two confessions to believe—or could they BOTH be false? Narrator Richard E. Grant tells the story in Reverend Clement’s distinctive voice.

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