May 22

SYNC Week 2 is All in the Family!

Welcome to Week 2!

Every teen has a love-hate relationship with their parents some days, and this week we are steeped in these family tensions. Our Classic tale is of Oedipus the King, and the SYNC YA title retells the story of Beauty and the Beast.

This Week’s Audiobooks:

Download FREE pair here. Available May 22 – May 28.


By Rosamund Hodge
Read by Elizabeth Knowelden
Published by Harper Audio

[Available EXCEPT in the UK and British Commonwealth.]


By Sophocles
Read by Michael Sheen and a full cast
Published by Naxos AudioBooks

Thank you to Harper Audio & Naxos AudioBooks for generously providing
this week’s titles.


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  1. Cindy's Love of Books

    I am in Canada and its not allowing me to download. I have downloaded the software that I needed but I keep getting the message “this download is not available in your region”

    1. Michele Cobb

      Please email us at synchelp@audiofilemagazine.com with your specific location and IP address.

  2. Susan Baird

    This week’s SYNC entries are both rich with Greek Mythology which seems like a perfect coupling with lazy summer days filled with listening and imagining! In OEDIPUS, Oedipus thought he could outsmart a prophecy on his life. In ignorance, he kills his father and marries his mother. But is that REALLY the case? The always brilliant Michael Sheen and a Full Cast help listeners keep on track in this time shifting and darkly compelling tragedy. CRUEL BEAUTY is based on Beauty and the Beast, adding to the allure is magic, demons and bargains. Nyx’s dad raised her to marry and then destroy the Gentle Lord, a demon who rules her homeland. In killing him she will free her people from his curse. Narrator Elizabeth Knowelden deftly captures the sound of Nyx’s privileged background but more importantly her emotional shift as she gets to know the Gentle Lord. Is he really a monster?

  3. FHC

    Receiving this message :
    This download is not available in your region.

    I am not in uk – the only restricted area for this one – still receiving the message.

    1. Michele Cobb

      I’ll email you and see if we can figure this out.

  4. Miriam Kahn

    A big thanks to Naxos and Harper Audio for the great listens this week. The audiobook community appreciates all you do for us. An addicted listener.

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