Dec 27


Happy Holidays all!
The SYNC team is working hard on the Summer 2014 list. It’s looking to be an incredible list. Look for pairings in late January


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  1. Deb

    I loved last year. I appreciate your service. It is awesome for librarians..

  2. Beckie

    Awesome! I am so excited and can’t wait to see the 2014 list!

  3. Tess

    So excited! I discovered some books last summer I never would have checked out without Sync. Thank you for this service!

  4. Susan Baird

    GREAT news. Every year SYNC gets better and better (literally). What a wonderful way to begin 2014–it feels like Christmas has been extended! Thanks for these precious gifts.

  5. Ron Greene

    Loved last year’s selections and I checked out some of your partners, particularly Bolinda and L.A. Theatre Works, both of whom had great some great selections. Thanks and looking forward to the summer even more.

  6. YvonneJ

    Our library loved last year’s selections. After listening to Morris Gleitzman’s ONCE, we bought the entire series in print. We are really looking forward to seeing this year’s lineup.

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