Oct 07

SYNC Titles Lost in iOS7 Update

Our apologies to SYNC Listeners who have saved their SYNC titles in the OverDrive App on their Apple device.

The iOS7 update does indeed clear your OverDrive App library of titles.  Because of the temporary nature of the SYNC titles (generously given to us for just one week by the audiobook publishers) the OverDrive suggestions for title restoration will not work for SYNC titles.  There is sadly no way for us to restore those titles for you.  The update compatibility was unanticipated and out of our hands.

Consider using this as an opportunity to borrow the SYNC selections from your library using OverDrive or to try audiobook download member services like Audible or Downpour.

Again, our apologies!




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  1. Karen

    Those of us that backed up the MP3 files on our local computers are OK, right? Even if we do update the IOS update, it won’t break the MP3′s we already have?

    1. Michele Cobb

      That’s correct as long as they are backed up elsewhere you should be fine.

  2. Erica

    I just upgraded my Kindle and can’t figure out how to move my Sync titles over to my new device. I have the same app for Overdrive and same Adobe Digital Editions account. Please help!

    1. afadmin

      I am afraid I do not have good news. The OverDrive update (driven by the Apple iOS7 update) is blanking out individual libraries. While OverDrive has a way for you to restore titles from them, SYNC titles were only in their system for the week that you grabbed them and there is (thus and sadly) no way to restore them. We are heartbroken but have no way to help.

      You can, of course, borrow most of the SYNC titles one-by-one from OverDrive’s regular system, but that negates all the time you put into loading SYNC titles. Again, our apologies!

  3. Mimi Cross

    Do you have a way to contact the folks that downloaded the titles?
    If so, you might want to do that.
    That way no one will spend 2 hours like I did trying to fix an unfixable problem.

    Shame on Apple.
    We’ll all have to find an audio platform that isn’t susceptible to their every move.

    1. afadmin

      Thanks for your comment Mimi. We are reaching out to all out listeners that follow us by social networks, blog, or text message. I am mortified that you spent 2 hours trying to fix it!!

      Hard to assign blame or shame on software upgrades and app compatibilities that are so utterly complex. This program runs on the generosity of OverDrive and the publishers and on the mystery of devices and Apps. Gone are the days of the mechanic on the corner that could fix all!!

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